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Franchise Business Opportunities

A Cartridge World franchise is an opportunity to become self-employed by buying into an established system and an internationally recognised brand.

The Cartridge World franchise unites the skills and resources of an experienced and established company with the driving ambition and dedication of the individual investor.

Our business is growing

Cartridge World is the world’s largest dedicated specialty retailer of ink & toner printer cartridges. We handle every major brand of printer cartridges for home, education or business (large & small) and are committed to providing great value that is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

Currently Cartridge World has 1,450 stores worldwide, is located in 56 countries and has appointed 65 Master Franchisees. In New Zealand we now have 40 stores, with some of our franchisees owning and operating multiple stores.

A growing customer base = opportunity for you

Market research shows that more than 85%* of people currently throw away their used cartridges and buy new ones. Imagine what this means in terms of the growth potential of our industry as more and more people realise they can have their cartridges refilled and pocket the savings.

With only 22% of cartridges currently being refilled in New Zealand, and our aggressive plans for the future with public education, the future is bright and prosperous for Cartridge World, its franchisees, customers and the environment.

Why Choose a Cartridge World Franchise?

Becoming a Cartridge World franchisee allows you to become your own boss and part of an established and successful brand at the same time. That winning combination makes it easier for you to attract customers and build your business.

The unique aspect of a Cartridge World Franchise is that other franchisees, although in the same business, are not competitors. In fact, their success adds to your success.

Why Our System Works So Well

Cartridge World chose to develop its network by means of the Master Franchising concept. Cartridge World New Zealand has its own Master Franchisee who was appointed to develop the local network and assist franchisees with growth, training, and profitability.

Cartridge World has also developed and implemented strong regulations and standards that define and protect the Cartridge World brand, such as worldwide trademarking, a worldwide domain name and trademarked slogans.

The Cartridge World business model is win-win-win-win. It promotes sound relationships between Franchisor, Master Franchisee, Franchisee and Consumer. The phenomenal growth of Cartridge World continues to enhance the network by way of increased franchise profitability.

By becoming a Cartridge World Franchisee you will immediately benefit from:

•    The use of established business names, marks and proven business systems
•    Reduced set-up expenses
•    Lower risk of failure
•    Promotional and administrative support
•    Bulk purchasing power
•    Ongoing training and support
•    Superior market power

Franchisee training and support

Initial franchisee training is up to four weeks long and is conducted by our highly qualified and experienced training staff. To date, Cartridge World has trained over 1200 personnel from all over the world, and provides franchisees with every opportunity to purchase more stores.

New training techniques are communicated to the franchise network via our secure website and monthly meetings. Additionally, training sessions are held in various stores on an ‘as required’ basis.

We have established mentors in many stores throughout New Zealand to provide advice and assistance to franchisees. Marketing training is continual and advice may be sought by franchisees when and where required. In addition, the Global Technical Forum and Regional Information Forum allow continual support and advice for our network when and where it’s needed.

It's Fun!

Once you have the basics, it's a relatively simple business to run, without too much paperwork. A Cartridge World franchise is suitable for people of all ages and from all different walks of life. And it's a very friendly business, too. You get to know your customers because they keep coming back.

Contact us today to find out more about joining the network and becoming the next Cartridge World franchisee.

*Source: Recharger Magazine