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Save money and protect the environment by refilling your cartridges

At Cartridge World, we make it easy for anyone to turn in their empty printer cartridges and get a high quality Cartridge World replacement. You simply exchange your empty black or color ink cartridge for a previously refilled cartridge that has been thoroughly tested to ensure it will work properly with your printer.

Every Cartridge World product goes through a stringent quality control process to assure the highest quality standards are met, and all of our products and services are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee [link to guarantee page].

Reusing empty cartridges not only produces high quality results at substantial savings, it is also an environmentally friendly solution. Millions of tonnes of cartridges needlessly end up in landfill every year, so by refilling and reusing your cartridges you are contributing to reducing that destructive waste flow. View the environment page [link to environment page] for more information on how Cartridge World is helping to look after our natural environment.