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Our Commitment to the Environment

Every year, millions of printer cartridges needlessly end up in landfill. At Cartridge World, we value our role as a custodian of the environment and are doing everything we can to reduce that impact.

We provide consumers and businesses with an alternative to reduce the impact of the millions of cartridges that are thrown away and end up in landfill each year. Refilled and re-manufactured printer cartridges ensure these products are reused rather than contributing to landfill. This is of enormous benefit to the planet, as it is estimated to take from 450-1,000 years for a printer cartridge to break down in landfill.

By making this choice, we are helping to protect the future of our environment. This solution to waste reduction is a win/win for consumers, entrepreneurs and the environment. Every cartridge reused means one less cartridge in our landfills.

We are proactive in involving ourselves in community environmental initiatives in many markets, including cartridge collection programs through schools and businesses, among many other local store activities.

In addition to being environmentally responsible, our sustainable approach also helps local communities through the provision of employment, as recycling and refilling cartridges creates local jobs.

Statistics on the environmental impact of printer cartridges

  • In 2008, 1.9 billion printer cartridges used worldwide.
  • In 2008, 450,000 tonnes of cartridges used worldwide.
  • If stacked end-to-end, all of the printer cartridges used in 2008 would measure 222,400 kms. That’s more than 5 ½ times around the world.
  • Laser printer cartridges account for over 90% of all throwaway cartridges.
  • Each inkjet cartridge contributes about 25 grams in landfill waste.

  • Each discarded laser cartridge adds approximately 1.2 kg of metal and plastic waste to our landfills

  • Each cartridge takes between 450-1,000 years to decompose.
  • The plastic in each new laser toner cartridge takes 4.5 litres of oil to produce, while each new inkjet cartridge require 70 ml of oil.

Every cartridge refilled is one less cartridge going to landfill - and that's a choice you can feel proud of. Share this message with a colleague or friend to help spread the word.