Frequently asked questions

Can I get my cartridge refilled elsewhere more cheaply?
The price of refilled cartridges varies. When choosing someone to refill your cartridge make sure they are fully trained and back their service with a full customer satisfaction guarantee. Check also that they are not just drilling a hole in your cartridge and filling it with toner. To ensure high quality printing, they need to have a full testing regime that ensures your cartridge will work.
Can I have my colour, fax or photocopier cartridge refilled?

Certainly. Cartridge World can refill most types of cartridges including colour, ink jet printer, laser printer, fax and copier.

Can you refill my cartridge?

At Cartridge World we can refill most cartridges available on the New Zealand market. We can refill colour, black, inkjet, laser, photocopier and fax cartridges. However, new cartridges are being introduced all the time. We have a team of technicians working on each new cartridge as it is introduced to develop the processes to refill these successfully. To find out if we can refill your cartridge, please complete our Quote Request Form.

Do I have to spend time couriering my cartridge to you and then sending it back again if I am not happy with it?

Not at all. Cartridge World is the only business with a national chain of retail stores specialising in refilling cartridges. It’s as easy as dropping your empty cartridges into your local Cartridge World, and some ink cartridges can even be refilled while you wait. Our Find a store page will help you find a store near you.

Do refilled and compatible cartridges last as long as the originals?

Yes. We refill the cartridges to the same capacity as the original cartridges. The yield of a cartridge is dictated by the amount of printing on a page and the printer settings.

How do I know you’ll do a good job?

Cartridge World is leading the world in the industry of refilling cartridges. Your local store owners had to pass our stringent two week international training course before they were allowed to use the Cartridge World brand and systems. You can be sure they’re experts in what they do, and as part of the Cartridge World system their business is operated according to the highest professional standards. And of course all our work is fully guaranteed.

How does refilling at Cartridge World differ from using a "fill your own" kit?

Many of our happiest customers are ones that used to use "fill your own" kits. They now choose to use Cartridge World so that they don't have to clean up the mess created by such kits. They also know that having a specialist technician refilling the cartridges ensures they’ll work, backed by our guarantee.

How often can I refill my cartridge?

It depends on the type of cartridge.

Ink cartridges that are a combined printhead and tank, such as HP, Lexmark and some Canons, may be refilled between one and six times if the circuitry continues functioning and printhead elements are not damaged.

Tank-based cartridges, such as Epsons and some Canons, can be refilled up to five times. Filling the cartridge more times than this causes the foam to clog with solids and fail to release the ink to the printhead as required, thus creating print faults.

The maximum number of refills also varies for toner cartridges. Most HP and Canon toner cartridges can be remanufactured an infinite number of times as long as the case is intact. The cartridge is simply an empty shell within which all the working parts can be replaced.

Other brands, such as Lexmark, Oki and Brother toner cartridges, have a finite number of times they can be recycled. Some brands, such as Kyocera and some Okis and Brothers, cannot be refilled/recycled.

Your local Cartridge World store will advise you when it’s time to replace your ink cartridge with a new one.

Is the ink or toner used by Cartridge World the original manufacturer's ink or toner?

No. We use inks and toners that have been specifically formulated in Germany to mimic original manufacturer's inks and toners. We have 130 different inks that meet the requirements of the various types of cartridges and the demands of individual printers.

Is the quality of print from a refilled cartridge as good as using a brand new cartridge?

Yes! At Cartridge World we guarantee that you will be happy with the quality of the printing from our refilled cartridges. To ensure the highest quality for every type of cartridge, we import over 150 different inks from all over the world. These inks are specially formulated to suit specific printers and meet very stringent quality standards.

Whether printing in black or full colour, the print result from our refilled and compatible products is crisp and bright. It is practically impossible to see the difference when comparing the final print between an Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridge and a refilled cartridge.

Is there any way that refilling my cartridge can harm my printer?

There is no way that refilling your cartridge at Cartridge World can cause any harm to your printer. Refilling is simply filling the empty ink cavity. For toner cartridges we also replace any worn parts, but we don’t alter any of the casing or parts of the cartridge that your printer requires to operate. We are so confident there is no risk whatsoever to your printer by using refilled cartridges that we offer a 100% customer guarantee.

What happens if I get my cartridge refilled at Cartridge World and I am not happy with it?

If you are not happy with your refilled cartridge then please speak to the store that refilled it for you. All our refills are fully guaranteed. Our guarantee page spells out exactly how we guarantee customer satisfaction for all of our work.

What makes refilling at Cartridge World better than working with other refilling companies?

It pays to refill at Cartridge World because: We are local and have a retail store near you where you can pick up or drop off your cartridge. Since we’re local, we’re not a faceless, impersonal company at the end of a courier bag or in an off-street garage. We’re always available in person to answer any questions or discuss any issues. You’re not required to spend time organising courier bags. Our technicians are internationally trained and are the experts in refilling cartridges. Our technicians are backed by an international team of experts for technical support. All our refills are fully guaranteed. At Cartridge World we do not just 'drill and fill' your cartridge. We remanufacture laser cartridges, and we fully test all cartridges to ensure they meet our high performance standards. Your local store is part of a global business that leads the way in refilling cartridges. We are the experts!